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Ring lights have become very popular in recent times, and for good reason. And it seems like everybody wants one! They can be used in a number of different ways and have a multitude of different uses, whether it’s at home, at work, or for business. 

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They’re easy to set up, lightweight, practical, and can be taken anywhere with ease. Their USB power interface means, that as well as being able to use them indoors, they can be powered outdoors as well with a power bank or your (charged) computer if need be. Some models do have a regular power-point plug, so do check before you buy, particularly if you want something that’s a bit more portable (i.e with a USB interface).

Ring lights can also be set up with your mobile phone or tablet by attaching a phone or tablet holder to the tripod stand. There are generally 2 types of stands (or tripods) available. One is an extendable tall stand (tripod) and the other is a short counter-top type.

Most ring lights (some models do vary) have a variable control dimmer switch or knob, which means the brightness of the light (the color temperature) can also be changed to suit your situation and the light or mood you need to set. Their brightness can be set between a cool white and a warm yellowish glow.

Because ring lights cast an even light onto any subject the amount of shadowing is greatly reduced. 

So what are some of the many ways ring lights can be used? Let’s have a look at a few ways ring lights are being used and why they’ve become so popular.

As Fill Lights:

Ring lights make a great fill light, both indoors and out. Sometimes you just need a little extra light to highlight an image or reduce shadowing. Even if you’re shooting outdoors (video or still) with natural light, the image may be enhanced by a little extra light in the right place. This is true for both product and people shooting.

As A Makeup Light:

Beauty Light

These lights are being widely used as makeup lights, both at home and in the salon, and even on set. They offer the perfect light for makeup application no matter where you are. Many people use these lights when shooting makeup application videos and stills. And their ability to be dimmed means they’re perfectly suited for all skin types and tones. 

For Video Shoots:

Lots of people are shooting videos these days. If it’s not for YouTube, then for TikTok or social media. Some people are even using ring lights to shoot practical videos and how-to classes, like cooking classes or anything that demonstrates something being done or made.

Conference Calling: 

Conference Meetings

Ring lights can be set up beside your computer to throw perfect light onto your face when conference calling or having a video meeting. You can also attach your phone (with a clip) directly onto the light itself (so it sits in the middle of the light) or to the stand for easy conference calls from anywhere.

So as you can see these lights have a lot of practical applications when it comes to needing light for anything photo or video related. 

What will you be doing with yours?

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