Universal Ring Lights

Ring lights are great for shooting videos, live streaming/conference calling, makeup application, taking photos, or doing anything with your mobile phone (or camera) that needs an extra light or fill light.

These dimmable ring lights with a stand are extremely portable and versatile.

Ring lights provide the perfect light for your face with a dimmable light that can be warm or bright allowing for clearer images without any shadowing.

These light rings have an adjustable switch for changing the light temperatures to suit various applications, from a warm to a cool white.

They are powered with a handy USB interface, so they can be used with a power bank/phone charger, laptop, indoors and outdoors, or in places where power is difficult to access.

Ring lights are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere with many different applications possible.

The handy remote control connects easily to your phone via Bluetooth for easy on/off applications and photo-taking (with your phone)

What Will You Be Doing With Yours?